Monday, February 15, 2016

Bride to be? Don't go crazy :)

It seems like when you get engaged you get also crazy. I am sorry if it sounds bad, but really it is like that. No one likes a depressed  and always mad, partner of life or friend. Of course  it is not easy to know that your wedding is just some months away and you are still looking for your wedding dream dress, but also is not a reason to make from a small problem a canyon! Just saying J
So first of all, here are some good advices to make your life easier and help you think straight because you really  need that.  

No1. Don’t order your wedding dress on-line.
Is a very important thing. You really need to try the dress, to see how it is on your silhouette. Maybe it is a beautiful dress but is not the best choice for your body shape. Is better to be a brand dress, because you can feel and ‘’breathe’’ the difference.  Money are not such a big problem as you think. Why I say that? Because you have the rent option. Yep those exist. And you will pay reasonable money for a brand dress, which you will wear just once, so no need to lose a fortune on it. And that way you will still have money for those gorgeous High heels you’ve been dreaming of.

No2. Try not to ruin your relation till the wedding.
Usually, is of course more difficult for the future bride to be less involved (because she will be too involved) then it is for the groom, he will be drinking beer with the guys and do things just because you say so :P But don’t be mad on him, this is normal for them. They just want to be as simple as possible, important is that you said Yes! We are different, and is better to communicate and make a wedding that you both want. And be cool, don’t exaggerate…just enjoy it J  

No3. Don’t fill your Facebook and Instagram with it.
We know is exciting and nice for you all this road to have the perfect wedding, but is not the same for your friends. They are glad for you, but if you post ten times a day  will not be nice. Plus you don t want them to see things as your dress, details of wedding arrangements etc. Make a surprise for all your guests and friends. No one says to disappear from online, just to act normal J

No4. Wedding planner is proved to be a must.
And yes it is. You will see that as you need to find location, catering, flowers, band, people for making the set up, people to assemble lights and so on. Is not easy at all. Better to find a Event planner to do a lot of things for you, and just when is needed to be more involved. Trust me, the Event planner is gold. Every bride says that J It has experience, patience, good taste, knowledge and confidence.

Now that we are ‘’clear’’ my girls, just try to enjoy it and be as normal as possible. It is nice to be involved in the organization of the event of your life, but don’t let it make your days black and not just yours. Just be normal…you can! J
Our dear bride to be, rock it and be happy, let the rest of it on us. J

With love,
Ioana Parascan

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