Monday, December 14, 2015

What is like to be an Event Coordinator!

Event Coordinator is also known as event specialist, it is in charge of every facet of meetings and events. This job is not about some  wine and cheese affair with your friends. Event coordinator plan everything from weddings to large expos and company parties. This human controles an event from conception to clean up. Also the road for a good event is not easy: it involves meetings with the clients to work out for details, plan with the team, book locations, food, entertainment, staff and cleanup.
Event coordinators make sure the shrimp cocktail stays cold and the band stay hot :) Create a buget and stick to it, as well as organazing transportation, design, arrangements, sometimes create a speech, and all kind of stuff. In generally make sure the event runs smoothly, efficiently and handle  any crisis that may come up. So you also have to  be a strong person, with a iron character. :)
It requires  strong skills as: calm under pressure, because many things  can go wrong during an event, and sometimes eventualy will. Smart and active because some situations need fast solving and a lot of involvement.
Organization: need to be focused and organized so that event goes off without a hitch. The plan and the priorities are very important.
Problem solving skills, beeing able to handle any situation and quickly solve the issue is required.
Negotiation is needed as a skill to work out prices, with clients and contrators.
But the most needed skill, I think is: to be Communicative.
It is all about how you communicate with clients, partners, contractors. Doesn't matter the situation, if you know how to talk it will make your life easy. It is also a kind of psychological work, and it is very stimulating. You should know when to speak and how to listen.
Creating a connection with anyone it is very important. It is an awesome job, with a lot of involvement and passion needed. But if you are not an active one, it will be much harder. You have to feel at least a small conection with this job, to be able to do it.
Time will give you experience and learn you how can be done better. Don't get scared...everything seems to be complicated when you take the first steps. But how one friend of mine used to say, in every job you should put heart for better results and accomplishment.
So if you think it is a job for you...don't hesitate, try it, give yourself  some time to see how it works, keep working, learning and the results you deserve will come. This is my advice :)

With love,
Ioana Parascan

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